Double strands

I’m planning on making a tea cozy with doubled strands of sock weight wool. Before I begin the swatching endeavor, one question: Do I also need to double the needle size?

You probably will need to use a larger needle then the sock weight recommends. You may need to do a few swatches using different size needles to get the fabric to feel right.

Someone else may have a recommendation of exactly w hat needles size will likely work best–

Sockweight doubled should come out about DK or worsted weight, so knit up a bunch with size 5-9 needles. I’ve also heard that if you’re going to double yarn, double the needle size [B]in mms[/B]. So if the sock yarn says to use size 2 needles, that’s about 3mm, so a 6mm would be size 10.

Bingo!! Thanks very much! :slight_smile: