Double strands for bulky wool

Can I double strand size (4) or (5) wool to make a kind of bulky wool? I want to make my grandsons hats for winter but I don’t want to use a bulky (6) wool cause we live in British Columbia and it does not get that cold here.

If you don’t want a thick,bulky fabric to make hats for your grandsons why not just make your hats with a single strand of a lighter weight yarn? 2 strands of DK/aran weight or 8/10ply yarn will equal a bulky weight yarn and will still be as warm to wear!
A hat made with a single strand of dk weight yarn will give a lighter fabric and there are thousands of patterns available for either dk,aran or 4ply
This is a very popular DK weight pattern.

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Ty so much for your help. That might work. I am going to try it
Again thanks