Double stranding question

hi –

this isn’t really a how-to as much as ‘i’m not fucking up, right?’ post. :stuck_out_tongue:

i am knitting a shrug in ribbing with one yarn that is intended for size 5 needles (22 x 28 gauge) with a yarn intended for size 8 needles (18 x 24 gauge) on size 9 needles. probably not the best idea i had all year but there you have it, lol.

my stitches look uneven. i’ve never had this problem before. is it because i’m knitting with two significantly different sized yarns at the same time?

thanks for your answers in advance!

– Lorelei

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid]No, don’t think it’s because of the different weights. I’m using lace and worsted weights here and the sts are even.

Try a swatch with a smaller size needle and see if that produces the fabric you like.

Using two strands should just make a heavier yarn…are you pulling them from the ball evenly, so that neither one is more stressed or tighter than the other?


after i made this post, i tried to doing k1p1 ribbing with some yarn i use all the time, and the stitches came out strangely there, too. it seems i’m just really bad at k1p1 ribbing. i mean i don’t think it looks that bad but i was wondering why it was happening that way. :open_mouth: the pattern will soon call for a different type of rib anyway, so it should all be good once i’m done with this bit.

thanks for clearing up that it isn’t the double stranding? although i’m not sure if i’m holding them with different tensions, i don’t think i have been… i’ll play around with that, too! :slight_smile: