Double stranded knitting

hello knitters,

just a dumb question on a sunday afternoon…how come baby blanket patterns always seem to require knitting with two strands of yarn?

best of sunday,


I don’t know the official reason…as for myself all the baby yarn I have is very thin and I like larger needles, esp for larger things like blankets so that I why I double strand.

If you don’t like double stranding, you could always find a single yarn in a color you like and just match the guage of the pattern you like.

Good Luck

Most baby yarn is thin, but I’ve seen a lot of baby blanket patterns that use worsted weight which would be close to 2 strands of thinner yarn.

I think they would want something really soft and with all the other characteristics of baby wool… but that is probably not easy to find in anything thicker than typical baby wool (fine for jumpers bit not big blankets).