Double-stranded baby hat w/ weird ribbing

You could eat soup out of this hat I just made for my baby - it’s so stiff. But I’m concerned about the ribbing. In other hats I’ve made, the ribbing is tighter than the rest of the hat. That’s the point of ribbing, right? But for some reason, in this hat I made (w/ double-stranded Patons Classic Wool), the ribbing is actually wider than the rest of the hat, and doesn’t actually “hug” my baby’s head, like I thought it would. Any idea why?

When I’m double stranding, I usually go down a needle size or two for the ribbing. I don’t know why it comes out bigger than the rest. Just the nature of the beast, I guess.

What size needle did you use? Using too small a needle causes stiff fabric. I don’t know for sure, but it might also have added the ribbing issue. For ribbing I go down one needle size or cast on less stitches then increase after the ribbing.

i used size 7 dpns, only because my size 10s are being used by another project, and i didn’t feel like buying another set. but i think you’re both right - i should have used bigger needles, and then one size smaller for the ribbing. thank you!

Whoa… Patons Classic Wool calls for a 7 for a single strand…if you double it you’d have to up quite a bit to get a soft fabric. You might have to do a small swatch with a couple different needle sizes just to see which needle size works best for you. :wink:

Eat soup out of the hat. . . :rofl::rofl:

Well, it will be soft for when the baby pours his/her food on it’s head! A soft stiff hat will be better than a hard bowl.