Double Strand?

I was thinking of knitting this baby blanket with this yarn because it’s a great sale price. The pattern says to “double strand”. What exactly does that mean and do you think I would need to do it with this yarn? From the picture, the yarn seems to be very fluffy and soft.

Also, this pattern calls for 10.5 needle. This seems like alot of stitches for a straight needle, or am I wrong? Do you think it would work better on a circular?


You knit with two strands of yarn held together like you’re knittin with one thick strand of yarn. When I’ve done it I’ve used two balls of yarn at the same time. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Hi Stacy,

The gauge for the pattern is 3.1 st/ inch with yarn held double on size 10.5 (Pound of love is a worsted weight yarn).

The Baby Cloud is a super bulky weight that knits at 2 st/ inch without double stranding on size 15. I’d probably try a swatch single strand on size 13 and see if I liked the fabric, or got close to 3 stitches per inch, then either go up or down in needle size until I was satisfied.

I would DEFINITELY use circulars for this since the length is going to be over 2 feet. You could probably [size=2]squeeze[/size] all the stitches on a 14" straight needle, but I think it would be a struggle, :?? and not much fun as it got longer. Circs really help out the wrists on a large project like a blanket!

Happy Knitting :cheering: :cheering: