Double strand yarn count

when you are knitting with a double strand and the pattern says you should have 386 stitches does that mean you have762 loops on your needle? I am really confused.

Each stitch, whether is has one or two strands, counts as one. Two strands will come out of the same stitch at the base of the needle.

i still don’t understand 386 double strands seems like 672 .If you cast on 8 stitches with double strand there are 16 loops on the needle -correct?

Yes there are, but you don’t knit into the 16 loops separately, just into 8 of them. Think of it as unplied yarn which has 2 strands, you just knit into 2 of them as if they were one.

Two strands are pulled through one stitch. The one stitch is what counts.

When you cast on 8 sts with 2 strands together there will be 16 loops. But they will NOT be 16 seperate loops. When you count them after casting on, you count each pair as 1 stitch

It will look like this: " " " " " " " "

Each group of 2 counts as 1 st.

hth, knitcindy

Nice way of explaining it!

(Another) Cindy