Double Strand Knitting - oh dear!


As someone new to this forum (whew, glad I found you!) I am kind of new at knitting - have done projects, but don’t stay with the craft and get rusty.
Now, however, I have some special inspiration: to knit an afghan for our daughter who is deployed. I have the pattern - seems very easy, but it requires double strand knitting which I have never attempted.
I THINK I have the right idea of what it is but can someone confirm, deny, or set me straight please?
I’ll be using two different colors, and a 32 inch size 13 circular needle (another first). When I cast on the 115 stitches, in reality, I think that means I will have 230 single stitches. Do I knit/purl each stitch as a single stitch with the same color yarn? Or do I knit one stitch with both strands of yarn?
Am I hopeless?
Thanks for any help you can give me. I will now go to the video section to see if there’s anything there.
(that’s kind of like being lost and not wanting to stop at a gas station for directions, isn’t it)? :teehee:

So I just watched a video and I have this all wrong. Guess I better get out my practice yarn again and do it right. Ugh. :aww:

If the pattern is calling for two strands then you would hold the two strands together while you cast on the required number of stitches (115). Then you would continue holding the two strands together to knit.

When you are knitting with two strands held together you count both stitches as one stitch. You knit with the two yarns just like if you were using one strand.