Double strand knitting - all twisted!

I’m working on a baby blanket for a friend, and I’m double stranding worsted weight yarn (Dark Horse Yarns Fantasy, if you’re interested…)to get a bulky weight. Its going well, and it looks good, but my yarn keeps getting tangled. I’m spending more time untwisting the two balls of yarn than I am knitting, and its getting annoying! Any tips, to keep them separate? TIA!

You can try putting them in their own baggie.

A tip I picked up here was to put each ball in its own zip lock bag and cut a hole to let the yarn out…I use the gallon size and just my experience the zipper ones don’t really hold up too well.

it occurs to me you’re already knitting so this won’t help…maybe you could use two small brown bags or other small shopping bag like Victoria secret or Whole Foods gives out and just set them on the floor to keep the balls seperated as you work.

Good luck

Break both strands, and wind them together as a single, double stranded ball. THat should take care of it.

When I do colorstranding work, I have one ball (in a bowl) on the floor in front of me and the other ball next to me.

When working with just 2 strands, I usually put one on each side of me and try not to pull off too much excess yarn. It’s still gonna twist, but not as much.

That is what I do.