Double strand different lots?

I’m getting ready to start a new bag and it calls for 2 strands of yarn to be held together throughout. I have two hanks from different dye lots, but they look the same to me. The blue part (this color) is on the top and bottom, but I’m not sure that it’s half and half. Would you advise to use one strand from each for the double strand or try to do the bottom with one and the top with the other. (It’s red & white stripes in between- flag theme!) I’m afraid if I run out, you’ll be able to see the difference in dye lots on the top where I changed. But, I don’t know how it would look to have different shades stranded together.


I’d probably do them together. It seems like if there’s an obvious difference, it would look more purposeful than half one color and half a bit different!

you might have a more heathered look if they are two different dye lots but nobody will know it wasn’t intentional. the only problem you might run into if it were some sort of self striping yarn and you wanted to keep the stripes going… THAT could be an issue. Otherwise you will be good if you knit from both skeins.

I used a strand of lace and one of fingering weight together. They’re both heathers to begin with, and somewhat different in color, but close enough that they blended together very nicely. I say go for it; one of each will look a lot better than half one shade and half another.

Thanks all!!! It’s just plain old Cascade 220 so no striping or varigations. I was hoping I was thinking the right thing. I just didn’t want it to look silly with different dye lots. It’ll be felted so it’ll probably blend in really well if there is a slight difference. I’ll post pictures!