double stockinette stitch got reversed or twisted?

I have been working on a double stockinette stitch scarf and did something wrong. I found myself with an extra stitch so I tinked back a bit, then figured I had dropped it because I got back to the right number of stitches. My issue is that when I started to knit again my stockinette stitches were twisted! I found that if I stitched as if to purl only with my right needle behind the left needle the stitch looked like an untwisted stockinette. However, if I did a row like that I could see clearly it was not the double stockinette stitch and I could see bumps on the backside I shouldn’t have been able to see.

Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this and get my stitch right? I’ve tinked back many correctly knitted rows and as soon as I start to knit again it’s twisted stitches.

I wonder if you’re twisting the stitches as you tink. I think it might help to see a photo of your knitting.

heres what it looks like after tinking back + a second photo stretched out so the stitches are easier to see.

I triple check that the stitches don’t appear twisted before knitting:

and here’s what it looks like after I knit 1 (I’ve checked I’m knitting correctly. I’d be overjoyed if I found the problem was that simple after all this time.):

here’s what the complete row looks like doing double stockinette like the video I linked in the original post:

and after knitting one row like this, the backside doesn’t look wrong because I haven’t knitted a second row.

I twisted each stitch on the needle once in the opposite direction they had been twisting when I knit and that seems to have worked. I have to do a few rows before i’m sure it looks right

ok! I think that must have been it. When I was tinking I ended up twisting the stitches like this:

because I didn’t realize the stitch is supposed to look crossed like this:

thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

You’ve really figured it out yourself. In knitting stitches get twisted if you knit into the back of the stitch or if you wrap the yarn clockwise around the needle. You don’t seem to be doing that so it must have been a problem with tinking. The sts can be corrected by knitting into the back of the twisted stitch.
At any rate, I’m glad you’re back on track. The knitting looks really nice. I hope we get to see a photo of your finished scarf!

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