Double Stitch Joint Cast Off

I’ve never done this before:

Double needle join cast off

  1. Position fabrics wrong side together. Needle tips are parallel and lined up side by side.

  2. Insert right needle into first stitch on near needle and first stitch of far needle, and knit two together.

  3. Repeat with next two stitches, then pull the second stitch on right hand needle over the first to bind off.

  4. Repeat across edge.

The direction to:

Hold sts on needle for double needle join cast off.
Reverse shoulder and neck shaping for left side.
Comes right after the front and back are finished. They are both already cast off, so what does this mean?!?

Here’s my post with link to the pattern for the Chenille Sweatshirt I am making.

copied from the free pattern site you provided the link to. emphisis added.

BACK: With larger single point needles cast on xx sts loosely.

Row1: RS: Purl.
Row 2: WS: k, *p3 tog, (kpk) rep from * 18 (20,22) times, p3 tog, k1.
Row 3: Purl.
Row 4: K1, (kpk), p3 tog rep from 18(20,22) times, (kpk), k1.
Row 5: Purl.

Repeat pattern rows 2-5. Work even in pattern until back measures 21 (21,23)" from beginning. End on last purl row, RS. [color=red]Place sts on holder for double needle join cast off[/color]. (End on Row 3 of Pattern)

But don’t dispare! you can just do a conventional mattress stitch for shoulder seam, (it won’t look different–except on the inside (side next to skin)

It’s a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders. Your stitches shouldn’t be bound off as of yet - for the back you were supposed to “Place sts on holder for double needle join cast off”, which leaves them live. For front your stitches are either on hold or being worked. When you are done with the front, you have all the right shoulder stitches on a holder and your left shoulder still on the needle, either way they are still live also and then are joined with the back with the 3 needle BO.

Thanks both. I’ll just do the mattress stitch I reckon! :oops: