Double stitch i cord?

working on straps for a purse and they are attatched. The pattern reads …with the remaining 9 stitches tranfer to dbl point neeedle and do 30 inches of 9 stitch double i cord. ( K5, yf, slip 4purlwise, turn ) Repeat. Knit across all 9 stitches. Graft 9 stitches to the 9 stitches you placed on the stitch holder earlier
the K5 yf slip 4 purlwise turn and repeat does not look like anything but a mess… I did have a seasoned knitter tell me to just do like the icord video and knit 9 slide to other side of dbl point needle and repeat … what do you all think??? Will that dble i cord work out eventually? It did not look like a tube to me when I did it …of course I stopped at 4 rows and took it out… anyone? Ingrid or knit queen are you out there??? Thanks in advance for any advice

I’ve never heard of I-cord being done like that. :?? Nine stitches is a lot for an I-cord at any rate, but I think I’d do it normally. :thinking:

Although this uses 10 sts instead of 9, it’s about the same thing.,guid,08941499-f287-1c1c-7ae3-0007e96ddfa0.aspx

Oh I see…that’s pretty cool!

or perhaps you might consider purchasing pre-made handles for your bag? some nice bamboo ones perhaps?

I know this post is very old, but for future reference, you just need to repeat the same row over and over (K5, yf, slip 4 purlwise, turn). The knit across all 9 stitches is just one row you knit after you have your 30 inches done. I know it starts out looking strange, but after about ten rows it looks really cool and not like a chewed up piece of gum!! Good luck!