Double sided knitting questions

I recently started learning double sided knitting with youtube videos.
I’m currently knitting a scarf one side red one side yellow, with 2 stripes at the ends and some letters in the middle of the scarf.
I noticed that when i was doing the stripes there were some bumps because of how i arranged the yarn coming from the ball while knitting (red in front or yellow in front), and the red/yellow yarns got tangled together so when i knitted the two sides the yarn in the middle pulls the two sides together at spots and the two sides can’t be pulled apart. So I carefully held the yarn in place and made sure they didn’t tangle for rest of the scarf so i can pull the two sides apart (like a hollow tube but knitted together at the ends).

Now I’m doing the letters and I have to switch colours and I can’t avoid the yarns tangling and keeping the two sides together. Is this normal? Is there any thing I can do to keep the yarn separate even when I’m switching colours back and forth (so the two sides can be pulled apart)?

I haven’t tried putting letters into a double knit before but I wonder if it would work if you used a new strand of the second color for the letters? I assume you’re only putting letters on one side of the knitting?
This video may help too although this is for a reversible pattern:

I am actually doing reversible knitting! Thanks for the video I didn’t know it was called reversible knitting. She shows pulling the two fabrics apart at the beginning of the video and mine does pull except for parts where the colours switch. I’m just not sure if this is normal because logically this seems like the only way to me. It’s just a little bit irritating :frowning:

One other possibility is to add in the letters later by doing duplicate stitch. I don’t find it as satisfying as incorporating them into the fabric as it’s knit but it does work.