Double Roll Storm Hat

The double roll storm hat is completed! I gave it to my Mom yesterday :cheering: I had a little problem at the top with the decreases. (I tried using the magic loop method.) However, I think most of my prob was that I got in a snit the day I finished it so I was being an angry knitter :shock: AND that caused me to knit and drink :devil: … and Egeria has already warned us about the evils of doing that :doh: !


Great job! :cheering:

What yarn did you use?

Very nice! Different look. I like it.

I know this :thinking: is silly, but how does it do a double roll?? I haven’t seen that pattern before.

By the way–is your bedpost a cherry cannonball bed? It looks like mine!! :wink:

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

The double roll is achieved by reversing the direction of knitting. You knit in the round for approx. 3", then you actually turn your work around, slip the last stitch knitted over to the left needle and start knitting the opposite way. It sounded confusing, but was acutally pretty easy. After you knit another 3 " or so, the double roll starts to appear!

The yarn was a very thick wool – I got it in this kit:

Does anyone else routinely use the magic loop method for small diameter knitting? I just learned it to make a sock, and was using it for the decreases at the top of the hat (instead of DPN’s). Can you use magic loop for any small diameter situation?


Magic loop and two circs can be used for any circular situation. I found, though, that when I knit my little alpaca bag, I preferred dpns for the really small parts. No big cords dangling. But that’s just personal preference.