Double pointed needles

i am learning how to use the double pointed needles and i have to cast on 40 and dived it 14 14 12 is this right and how do i start knitting

The numbers are correct. When all the cast on stitches are on the needles you make sure they aren’t twisted and then bring two together with the yarn coming from the right hand needle. The loop will be away from you and the working side closest to you. It takes a lot of practice to do it w/o ladders at the join so be patient.

The best way to tell you is to ‘show’ you so you learn to do it correctly and learn to knit on the outside. Here’s a few links.

There are other methods for knitting in the round as well if you find this isn’t for you. Magic Loop and using 2 circular needles are the other methods.

witch needle do i use to start knitting

The empty needle. You’ll actually be knitting with FOUR needles. It’s going to feel awkward and like you don’t have enough hands, and that is perfectly normal. Bring those two ends together, working yarn coming from the right side and using the empty needle you start knitting those stitches from the left needle. Don’t worry too much about that first join. It’ll close up better with the second round. :thumbsup:

One thing to remember though when it all sounds confusing is that even though you have so many needles you really are just using two needles like you always do. :thumbsup:

how do you join

Just start knitting. In this case, it might be easier to start with the needle your working yarn (and last CO st) in your right hand, hold the needle with the first CO st in your left and just knit that stitch. Knit a couple more, then take the empty needle in your right hand and start knitting with that one