Double Pointed Needles

I’m pretty new to knitting. So far I’ve only completed a few scarfs…I really would love to make hats but I’m scared to use double pointed needles…I’m not even quite sure of how they work really. Could someone explain? :cool:

Did you check out the vid on using DPNs in the Advanced Techniques section?


Most come in sets of 4 and you only knit with 2 at a time, just like regular needles; the other 2 are holding your stitches. It’s tough to get started with them for the first inch so people get frustrated easily the first time using them. You can either practice with some scrap yarn, making a simple tube, or start a hat on 16" circs and then switch over to the dpns for the decrease section. It’s easier to learn on them with the work already started.

Before using dpns, try knitting a simple hat on circular needles.
It establishes a comfort zone for you, in learning to knit “in the round” as they say.
DPNs are used to knit “in the round”

I made a video on YouTube that shows how to knit in the round with double points and with circular needles.

You can do it! :thumbsup:


I would definately second this. basically you are knitting in a circle, and you are knitting 1/3 at a time. the other 2/3 are being held on the other 2 needles, you just move from 1/3 to 1/3 around the circle (that is probably one of the least helpful descriptions i have done!)
if you have not used DPNs before, it is easier to get the feel of them like SuzeeQ says by using them on somthing already started like a hat started on a circular needle. the DPNs are just realy good for when you get down to the smaller diameters.

I am a new knitter, too, and I had trouble getting used to dpns. I have found with some practice, it gets a lot easier Just don’t give up too soon!! :thumbsup:

I am not a new knitter but, I did learn something from your video. I learned to slide the first st. from the left needle and criscross the stitches. THANKS!

:slight_smile: nice video thanks! I’ve been afraid of knitting in the round so i’ve made a hat with 2 plain needles and sewn it together at the end instead

so how do you get the marker out? and do you have to swtich to double sided needles when you get to the very top since the rounds will get smaller and smaller?


The marker goes on your needles, so when you do the last round, just take it off. To switch to dpns at the top, just start knitting with one; when you have about 1/3 the stitches on it, pick up a 2nd needle and knit, then the 3rd needle. Or if you have another circular you can use the two of them like dpns, or use a really long one and use magic loop. All of these methods are shown in videos under Small Diameter Knittine in the Advanced Techniques section.

I knit most of a cap on 16" circulars, then use DPNs once I start decreasing. I actually found DPNs easier to understand than the other methods, so I went with that. It gets easier with practice. I agree about using stitch markers. My DPNs are Clover bamboo, and they come in a set of 5, but use whatever you prefer. This enables me to use 4 to hold the stitches (good since many hat patterns use multiples of 4) and one to knit them off with. I know you can do it–if I can, anyone can!