Double pointed needles

I have a pattern to knit a hat that I really like. My question is this…If the pattern calls for you dpn’s at the crown of the hat, do you have to use dpn’s? Is there a reason for this or can you continue to knit on two needles to the tip of the hat?

I have not mastered dpn’s yet lol and mine are the metal ones so they slip all the time and drive me batty lol! :doh:


The problem with using two needles at the crown is that you need to be able to work the circle; it’s impossible if you only have the stitches on two needles AND you’re trying to knit with one of them. You’ll stretch the stiches like crazy. (I know because I’ve tried 2 dpns to prevent the needles’ slipping.)

If you knit a lot of hats in the same weight yarn (or close), get some bamboo needles. They don’t slip like the metal ones. (They also serve as fantastic cable needles!)

Oh…when I meant two needles, I meant two regular knitting needles, not dpn…The pattern is to stockinette stitch on two regular needles until the crown then switch to dpn…I wasn wondering if you have to switch to the dpn’s. I have knitted hats before with just two needles and just pulled the yarn through the last few stitches to pull closed. Can you do that in a pattern that switches from regular needles to dpn’s?

Is this hat knit flat and then joined in the round at the top?

hmmm…kind of new at knitting… this is the pattern here…

It looks like it’s supposed to be knit in the round, but the pattern doesn’t state to join the cast-on stitches (some don’t and just assume you know to do so–depends on the pattern writer).

You’ll most likely want to do the top in the round, though, and just seam the sides together when you’re done.

To keep the DPNs from slipping, try tugging the yarn after each stitch to make the stitches a little tight; and once you’re ready to go to the next needle, make sure to center the stitches on the one you’ve just finished working.

ok…so I have to use the dpns at the end. Ok…I will give it a try! lol Wish me luck! lol

Actually, it’s knit on a 16" circular and then dpns. You could do it on straights all the way if you wanted–you’d just have a seam up the back.

Follow the directions for the number of cast on stitches, but you need to knit one row and purl one row in order to get the stockinette.

For the decreases at the top, you can work the decreases the same but with a knit row and a purl row (with purl decreases).