Double Pointed Needles Questions

Hi guys.:smiley:I was wondering if you guys could help calm my nerves and not worry about these topic questions that i have.:grimacing:

I was wondering if Is there a lot of 6&7 inch dpns brands and 6 & 7 inch ones out there ?Are there alot of websites to buy them from? Are they popular? Are they hard to find? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:I would hope not with double pointed needles? I love them size dpns.:grinning:

I am kinda scared that they will stop making them. :cry:There would be tons of angry knitters out there including me. :rage:What do you guys think? Am i worried for nothing?

If you’re really concerned then maybe it would be best to buy the sizes you want when you find them and then you’ll have them. Like many knitters these days I don’t use dpn for circular knitting so what’s happening with their availability isn’t on my radar. I doubt they’ll stop being available but if I were worried I’d stock up.

Hi, where are you from my local yarn shop in the uk, London can order short needles up to 12cm . I know what u mean I prefer shorter needled as the longer ones tend to get in the way. Also have a range of dpns and lengths check it out