Double pointed needles - inside out

I need help! I am a novice knitter and am trying double pointed needles for the first time. I really would like to make mittens for the kids for Christmas. I have watched all the videos, checked out the websites and even bought a couple patterns. But everytime I start to knit with the DP needles, after 4-6 rounds, its apparent that I am doing something wrong. The right side of the knitting is on the inside of the tube. I have started and re-started at least 15 times with the same results. What am I doing wrong???

You’re holding the knitting wrong is all. The needle tips should be toward you, not away from you. So flip it inside out and have your tips and working yarn close to you. Imagine a cup of water and you take a drink from the edge closest to you. This picture should give you an idea
Even though it’s on circulars, it’s the same for dpns.

Hooray! It worked. Thank you! Now weeks of frustration and ripping out knitting are gone. The photo and analogy really helped!!!

Johnna, it actually really doesn’t matter all that much if your right side is inside or outside as long as you don’t reverse direction. Sometimes I’ll purposely turn my circular knitting inside out and knit with it away from me to reduce snags on really splitty yarn. You can turn it around any time and have the knitting on the “sipping side” as Suzeeq says.

I’ve been knitting Jan’s little Christmas stockings in the round, and to get the look of the garter stitch at the top, I knit for several rows, then turn it inside-out, and keep knitting , and voila? it gives the garter-band at the top without ever having to purl.