Double Pointed Needle Help Please

I’m teaching myself to knit on double pointed needles and last night finally got the hang of it but the ladders are awful! I’m not sure if I am knitting correctly at all. Does the carrying yarn go over the needle on the right or behind it? I think that is where my problem lies. I hope I explained it well enough. I’ll try again just in case. I knit English, and I’m throwing the yarn with my right hand. When I go to knit, does the carrying yarn go over or under the needle so I can knit into the stitch on my left hand needle. Good grief I hope that makes sense. I’ve watched the videos but it’s always different actually doing it! I read this forum all the time and never would of learned at all if it weren’t for videos and questions you answer so well. Thank you!

Do you mean when you change to the next needle?

If so, the yarn is behind the right needle else you would be making a yo(yarn over)…

Just knit as you usually do on regular needles. Keep the yarn in back for knitting and in front for purling.

No, I mean just knitting. If I keep it in back of the needle that’s hanging there it seems to be too loose and I can’t tighten it up at all. The needle that is hanging there seems to be in the way and I can’t make the stitch tight enough.

Your yarn will stay in the back if you are just doing the knit stitch (which will create stockinette stitch).

You can pull the first two stitches on each new needle VERY tightly to help get rid of some of the ladders.

You can also mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker and then knit several stitches from the next DPN on to the current DPN - so you finish one needle and then knit one or two stitches from the next needle on to the needle you just finished then start on the next DPN. The stiches will move around so the BOR marker wil not be in the same place, but you know where it is.

Washing also helps take ladders out.

[color=indigo]When you are done with one needle, knit the next st or two from the next needle before starting to knit on to the empty needle.

And/or, knit the first st of the next needle, insert knitting needle as you normally would and then give a tug and tighten up the sts. [/color]

Thank you all so much. I am going right home after work, plunking down and knitting until I get it right! Well, at least until I get mad and throw my needles at the wall and then go have a kahlua! :roflhard:

I’ll let you know!