Double Pointed Knitting Needles Questions

Hi.:grinning:I was wondering if a person could use a 7’’ inch or 8’’ or longer double pointed knitting needles for making knitted socks ?:confused:would it be harder to hold them or does a person have to use shorter dpns for socks?:thinking:What do you guys think?I am using bamboo wooden ones for making socks and it’s kinda hard around here to get 7 inch ones in some of the stores around here.:disappointed_relieved:

What length are the bamboo or wooden ones you’re using? Do you not like working with them?

Hi Salmonmac.:grinning:I want to use a 7 inch length ones but i have 8 inch length ones.Would a extra inch make a difference?:thinking:

Give the 8" a try and see if they’re comfortable. So many of these options are a matter of personal preference anyway.

Definitely personal preference. I usually use magic loop, but I have some 5" DPN for small things, too.