Double pointed knitting Help

I am working on this pattern and I have a question on Design #4.

Re: The part that says:
[FONT=ArialMT][SIZE=2][FONT=ArialMT][SIZE=2][FONT=ArialMT][SIZE=2][FONT=ArialMT][SIZE=2][LEFT]“Dividing sts evenly around double-pointed needles, join
yarn at center of one long side of Base, pick up 8 sts to
corner, pick up 3 sts along side edge, pick up 16 sts along
opposite long edge, pick up 3 sts along side edge, pick
up 8 sts along remaining edge – 38 sts. Join to work in[/LEFT]
rounds, place marker for beginning of round.”

I just started in the middle of one of the long sides and picked up and knitted as it said. However, being that it is so small (size 1 needles), I was running into problems with it getting too tight. I was using a set of 4 dpn (using 3 to pick up and knit and then having one to start knitting in the round). Do you think it would be easier if I used another set of dpn (maybe use 1 or 2 more needles to even it out more) or would having too many needles get too complicated? Any other suggestions? Thank you for any suggestions.

Sure, you can add another set or just one or 2 as long as you can keep them straight.