Double point to circular

I’m an advanced beginner having knit vests with circulars and socks with double points. Am now beginning a pair of handwarmers with directions for double points. Is it an easy conversion to circulars??? Just use the circulars to knit in the round???

Do you mean switching from dpns to circular at some point? Once you have enough stitches to fit around on your circulars, you just knit from the dpns to the circular. I wonder, though, if you’ll have enough stitches in a hand warmer to fit on a circular needle.:think:

You’ll probably have to use Magic Loop or single loop to use a regular circular on a smaller tube like that, but other than that, it’s just using a different tool to knit in the round.

There are probably patterns written for that method, too.

When I am doing Socks or Hand Warmers I use 2 circular needles as it makes it easier for me than the Magic Loop. I just couldnt get the hang of it and that is why I use the double Circular needles.