Double point needles

I just got my first pair the other day. I watched the video, and it didn’t seem to help me that much.

It taught me how to cast on correctly, and how to divide the stitches onto the different needles.

My needles are all awkward after I divide the stitches on to them though. They wont really stay in a good posistion and its very hard for me to knit with since they all like. bunch up.

Does anyone have any advice? Or any sites I can look at that can help me?


I know what you mean about your dpns flopping all around! I’m afraid that they always do that when you 1st begin, once you get a few rounds done they won’t do that. Please remember, u r just working with 2 needles like when you use regular single points. When I 1st used them they scared me to death! Practice is what really helps with this…I know someone will jump in with great advice for you :wink:

Yep, that’s right. They wobble around all over the place. That’s perfectly normal.
At first (I’ve only been using DPNs sucessfully for a couple of months myself) it feels like you’ll never figure out how to hold the darn things properly but it does 'click ’ eventually and before you know it, you’ve knitted a hundred pairs of socks and wonder how you ever had problems with it.
One thing that helped me was only thinking of the two needles I was using at the time and ignoring the other two. The other thing was Amy’s video which I watched as I knit my first tiny tube on DPNs. Good luck. :smiley:

Can you try using a circular needle to start the work? When I first learned to use DPNs, I started with a 16" circular needle to make a hat and switched to DPNs when I started decreasing at the top. It really helped to have solid knitting below the DPNs until I got used to them. Now, I don’t even notice the awkwardness at all.

How would you make the switch from circulars to dpns though?

Thanks you guys! I guess I’ll just have to keep trying. Myabe I’ll figure it out, eventually.

I keep trying. By the time Ive finished casting on and dividing ip the stitches, I dont really feel like knitting anymore on it.

I had to learn to cast on a completely different way, and I hardly ever seem to make it to the second row.
Its driving me insane.

Surely someone else has more advice?

I cast all my stitches on one needle, then divide them.

I’ve read that some people like to keep them resting on a table as they knit the first few rows. They really stop being floppy after that.