Double needles to knitting in the round

How do I use a pattern calling for double pointed needles using my round needles? I have used the round needles before for socks and hats, but my patterns have always been for those needles. I’d like to use a new pattern, but not sure how to convert.

You can pretty much use the circular needles in place of the double points. You may wish to use a technique like magic loop to make the pattern in the round on the circulars and you may need to use something like magic loop if the number of stitches becomes too few to go around the circular. It may also be necessary to use markers to identify groups of sts that would ordinarily be separated on different dpns.

Knitting in the round is done the same no matter which tool you use. Cast on and join, work around. The Advanced techniques Video page has one for doing magic loop, which is how to use a longer needle with a smaller amount of stitches. Here’s another tutorial for knitting in the round using all tools.

Thanks for the info. I guess the part I’m struggling with is how to convert the pattern. I’m a relatively new knitter, so pattern reading is something I’m still working on. My guess so far is that when the pattern says to divide stitches onto three dp needles, that for circular needles, I’d divide them in half - splitting my co stitches evenly between the two needles.
Any tips are appreciated. Thanks for the links btw too.

What length are your circulars? If they’re shorter - 16" - you won’t need to divide them. If they’re longer than that, you can do the half and half. If you use thesingle loop version of magic loop, you don’t divide them. Spread the sts out from the L needle as far around as they’ll go, then fold up the cord/sts so the end with the yarn is close to the needle tip, loop the R needle and start knitting.

If you’re working with enough stitches, you don’t have to divide them at all. Just join and go. You’ll be knitting a continuous spiral until you’re either done or have to divide the stitches for one of the small-diameter techniques.

But since you’ve specifically mentioned dividing stitches, I’ll assume you’ve got to the point where the work is too small to reach around the circular. And yes, you can just divide the number of sts by 2, and put that many sts on each needle. That’s helpful for keeping track of where you are, but if you don’t have the same number on each side it doesn’t hurt anything. Which is helpful when you have to divide 9 sts ;).

Is this new pattern also for socks or is it something else? Sometimes sock patterns do use the different dpns as a form of stitch marker but you could use conventional stitch markers, if necessary, in whatever technique you decide to use.