Double Moss Stitch

I’m knitting with some lovely Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk yarn, making a jacket in double moss stitch. I’m trying to keep track of the row that I am on by using a stitch counter, recording the row of the four row pattern that I have just finished. Hope that makes sense!! :??

The problem that I have is that I have gone wrong in the pattern, having added an extra row of something, making the moss stitch look wrong. I have undone the rows above it, found where I starting to go wrong and knitted the next row. Ok, the 4 row pattern is:

Row 1: K1 P1 K1 P1
Row 2: P1 K1 P1 K1
Row 3: P1 K1 P1 K1
Row 4: K1 P1 K1 P1

I decided that this corrected row was a P1 K1 row, but now I can’t tell if I now need to do another P1 row i.e. that it is Row 3 in pattern, or a K1, Row 4. Clear as mud as they say here in the UK!

I think what I really need, is to know how to look at my knitting and tell which row I am on by how it looks. I don’t feel very smart right now and just get confused when I look at it… :oops:

Can anyone help me? Should I take a close up photo and try and post it here?

Waiting patiently for help…

Happy new year to all you knitters out there: I never knew that the knitting fratternity was big!!


Yeah, I think if you could post a photo, we might be able to help. I remember when I couldn’t tell by looking–it is frustrating! It’s a whole new world once it finally clicks for you and you can tell what on earth you did! We’ll see what we can do. :slight_smile:

My photo is a bit rubbish but here goes!!

Here goes again.

I think I’m going to undo the whole thing. I’m not happy with the cast on method that I use: it seems to have made small loops within the first row. And I rather think that I may have made more than one mistake. When you look at the thing as a whole it just doesn’t look quite right.

Oh well. I guess I won’t be the first. :frog:

Oh, bummer–I’m sorry! Looks like, from what I can tell from the photo, one of your rows got repeated–like instead of a 2-row repeat, one of them is 3 rows. Been there, though! I just finished making a hat for my DH with no pattern. I think I ripped it out FOUR times!

Bless you. I needed that bit of sympathy!!

I’ll have to stop watching TV when I’m knitting. Eyes down…

Nicky :hug:

:slight_smile: That’s what we’re here for!

Yes, it’ll be much easier for you to stay in pattern that way. So here’s the skinny:

Knit stitches look like a “v” while purl stitches look like a “-”
so your double moss stitch should look something like:

v - v - v - v - v - v - v -

  • v - v - v - v - v - v - v
  • v - v - v - v - v - v - v
    v - v - v - v - v - v - v -
    v - v - v - v - v - v - v -
  • v - v - v - v - v - v - v
  • v - v - v - v - v - v - v
    v - v - v - v - v - v - v -

Well, I’m not sure whether that’s a very good representation, but hopefully you can at least see that there are little stacks of 2 knits and 2 purls alternating throughout the fabric.

The other thing that’s important to know is that what looks like a knit from the front will look like a purl from the back (and vice versa).

Let’s think about what this means as it relates to your pattern. When you are doing the rows that make up the upper parts of your little stacks, you want each stitch to match what the stitch below looks like. If you have just ended with a purl stitch, it should look like a knit stitch (because what looks like a knit from the front will look like a purl from the back, remember?). So you should make a knit stitch. The next stitch below will look like purl so you’ll do one of those. (You also know it should be a purl because you are alternating knits and purls on every row.)

On the following row, you’ll need to shift your little stacks over by one, so you want to start with the opposite of the stitch below. Which means that if you ended with a knit, you should be looking at a purl (since what looks like knit from the back looks like purl from the front), in which case your first stitch should be a knit (because we’re doing the opposite thing). Make sense?

So… if you understand what double moss is supposed to look like, you can figure out what you should be doing without consulting the instructions at all. Pretty neat, huh?


I will print this off and study it! I am also paying particular attention to the beginning of my knitting this time around, taking note of how it looks as I complete the 4 row pattern. Hopefully I might learn something!

I have also cast on in a different way: I’ve used the single cable method this time and it gives a much neater edge. I learnt my basic stitches from a Ladybird book as a child (do you have those in the states?) and it taught me a very basic knitting on method, which is ok if you begin with ribbing but didn’t work for a moss/seed stitch edge.

Thank you so much for your help. I’ll get back to you when I get stuck or just to give a progress report! :teehee:


Just curious - why wouldn’t the CO work with seed if it works okay for ribbing? On the first row, they’d be the same…