Double Moss Stitch - Tighter or Wider than a standard stocking stitch?

HI There,

I have a pattern that seems to be suggesting that when knitting a double moss stitch (Australian) the knitting will become tighter than a regular stocking stitch.

When i knit double moss, my knitting becomes wider.

Would some people do an experiment for me and let me know their results?
Cast on 24 stitches (multiple of 4 required)
Knit 10 rows stocking stitch (K one row, P next row)
Knit 12 rows double moss stitch

  • Row 1: K2, P2 across row to end
  • Row 2: Repeat Row 1
  • Row 3: P2, K2 across row to end
  • Repeat Row 3

Is your double moss knitting tighter or wider than your stocking stitch knitting?

Here is a link to a visual page showing the double moss:

Thanks in advance!

Is there too much slack between the knit and purl stitches?

Is it wider than stockinette when you lay it out flat without stretching it at all, or is it only wider when you tug on it to see how far it stretches?

It is wider when lying flat. I dont stretch it out to measure.