Double knitting

I just joined today because I was told that this site had a great free video on double knitting, but the only video I can find is a very short (somewhat confusing) one involving only part of the last row of a square with a heart in the center.

I would definitely need more instruction than that. Am I missing another free video on this topic?

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That’s the video on double knitting. It’s short but the idea is fairly straightforward.
You might also look at Liat Gat’s video:

and the video from Very Pink:

There are of course different ways of holding yarn and casting on but these videos give you an idea of how to get started. Try the technique out with some scrap yarn to work out some of the problems.

I’m new to this site and am trying to figure out how to reply to the person who replied to my Double knitting posting.

See number three

You can quote the post you’d like to reply to in your post. That makes clear which post you’re responding to. In fact, it’s usually fairly straightforward even if you don’t use the Quote button.
Don’t be too concerned about getting the mechanics right here. We’re more interested in knitting anyway.

So, I should select from the buttons just below someone’s reply to me?
I should either click “quote” or “reply” rather than typing in the box below those buttons?

Are there technical instructions somewhere on how to use the forums? Maybe it’s just me, or that I’m used to other forums, but I’m pretty confused about how this works. Especially, where I would locate the list of topics that I’d like to follow.

Both Reply and Quote will add a post on to the end of the thread. Use Quote if you want to specify a particular post or else, mention the name of the poster.
User settings may be the place to go to specify threads to follow or ignore.


Nice to see you here, Yarnbombinb101!
To subscribe to a thread, scroll down when you are posting, and you’ll see
"Thread Subscription
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Select your notification type to subscribe.

there is a box you can select when you make a post in the thread. You can also edit your post (click advanced edit) and select that box then.