Double Knitting

Hi Folks,
I found this wonderful site when I was searching for info on Double Knitting. I found the video very helpful, and I downloaded the pattern for a heart design pot holder. However, following the chart is not as easy as it looks. I think I get how to do the k and p thing but I am confused about how to begin and end the rows. The chart is 29 squares wide which I think represents 58 sts, tho I was instructed to cast on 60. Amy says she slips the first st, but when I do that the next st is the wrong color sometimes. Do I have too many sts? Should I treat the first 2 sts as one?

I figured out by trial and error that when you do the even numbered rows you use the opposite of the color shown. Is this right?


Caprican (in upstate NY)

Hi and welcome!
The cast on is 60sts and yes, slip the first stitch then work the pattern as given in the chart. You’ll purl the last stitch with both yarns and then slip that stitch at the beginning of the next row.
Yes, work the even numbered rows by reversing the colors. Amy mentions this early on in the video.

Thank you! Now I understand that the first st (the one you slip) is not the first st on the chart.

I’m still doing something wrong at the end (or maybe the beginning) of each row because I keep getting extra stitches. When I slip the first st at the beg of the row, do I still treat the 2 sts created by purling the last st of the previous row with both colors, as one st or two? If I treat it as one, and then k it tog with the next st, I end up with the right number of sts. But I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to start a row.

Treat the last stitch purled at the end of the row with both yarns, as one stitch. Slip both loops when you start the next row and then continue with the chart.
After the next row, the first and last stitch in each row will have two loops of yarn. Treat these sts as one stitch at beginning and one at the end.

OK, that sounds pretty clear! Thank you.

Thanks for your help! I’ve finished my first potholder, and have started another to use up the yarn. I noticed others had posted a few years ago who had the same problems I had at the end of row 2. I decided the best way to figure out when you start treating the end sts as one st, is to look at the pattern and make what you do, match it. At least, that’s what worked for me! I might post a pic of my potholder if I can figure out howl

We’d love to see the finished potholder. This is such a lovely technique to have mastered.
These instructions will help with posting a photo:

I’ll try to attach photos of my double-knit potholder. My second potholder is almost done. That one has a better bottom edge, because I used the double long-tail cast on method described on the fallingblox website. Maybe I’ll eventually be comfortable enough with double knitting to try one of his scarves. I’ve been an English knitter for so long, I’m not at all comfortable with Continental style, but I can see it’s much more efficient for double knitting.

For now I’ll just post the photos of one of my first attempts at the potholder, because my computer claims not to be able to find the photos I took of the finished one. One of the many mysteries of Windows 7. (I loved Windows XP and with that I could always find my photos and edit and even Photoshop them. With Windows 7 and can find them in my photo software program, but my computer can’t!)

OK. I found the photos of the finished potholder.

The potholder turned out beautifully! What a great project.
Did you enjoy doing double knitting?

Yes, it was fun. But I still have to learn how to do it right with the yarn in the left hand.

That is not the right way. The pattern designer knits continental. It is only one method of knitting. Any method you are comfortable with is the one you should use.

Nice potholder!

Thanks, Jan.