Double knitting

Hi, I am new to knitting-first project. If I purl all of the stitches will it look like knit on both sides?

Whoa…your first project is double knitting? Thats quite ambitious!

Have you started this project yet? Are you using a pattern? If so which one? When you double knit every other stitch is different or slipped depending on the method you choose.

This is a video with one method.

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Hi and welcome!
Yes, that is ambitious. In all the patterns I’ve seen, the stitches are knit or slipped on one side. On tht other side, the slipped sts are knit and the knit sts are slipped which results in knit stitches showing on both sides.

Thank you for responding!!! This is the first day for me in this forum and the second day for knitting. I do not have a pattern but do have a beautiful scarf that I want to make. As you can guess by my name the scarf was from Peru; a gift from a friend. I searched the internet to figure out the pattern, a lace stitch, and then found the double knitting. I tried several times with a baby yarn that I purchased for practice but still can’t get the knit stitch on both sides. I will look at the video again this evening. I should be working right now but since I’m my own boss I took a break! Thanks again!!!

Thank you!!! I am going to try slipping the stitches off tonight. I haven’t tried this! I am so glad a friend told me about this site!

You need a special cast on and stitch method to double knit or you’ll always have either garter or stockinette.

One alternative is you can also knit in the round on circular needles, but you’ll need twice the amount of yarn. The cables will need to be long enough for magic loop or short enough to hold a small amount of stitches.

One more choice is to do k1p1 ribbing. When it’s done it looks a lot like stockinette on both sides. This is a scarf I made with the k1p1 ribbing method and two skeins of contrasting striped yarn.

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I watched two youtube videos and I am finally getting it! I’m practicing with a varigated yarn on both sides so it gets a little confusing but I’m getting it! I can’t wait to finish this one so I can learn the lace stitch and how to carry thread on bobbins! Thanks to all again for your help!