Double knitting

I watched the video for double knitting and I am really confused. If I k 1 p1 wont my work look like seed stitch? And how do I begin a double knitting project? It also seems to me that intarsia method is the same technique- so what 's the difference?
Please help= I would really like to become a more experienced knitter

You knit 1 with one color of yarn and p1 with the other color. It makes a kind of tube with each color on its own side in stockinette.

I usually start by just casting on holding both colors together, and then sperating them for my first row of knitting.
When you knit, as suzeeq said, you knit with one color and purl with the other. BUT make sure you carry both yarns together… so you bring them both to the front, purl with the one, take them both to the back, knit with the other. That’s how the magic happens, and you will end up with 2 layers of st. st.
Intarsia, in contrast, results in a single layer with multiple colors knit in different areas.

Thanks for the advice- It’s much clearer now!:woot:

Just do it. It takes a long time of doing it to make sense.

If you really want to try and figure out why it works, this is why,