Double knitting

Aha! This was what I thought but needed confirmation. Thank you so much. I will try a bit harder to keep strands separate as I’d like to be more precise, but not fret as I learn. It was Nathan Taylor’s genesis pattern on ravelry that prompted me to try to learn this new technique. Plus, learning new tricks keeps old dogs smart. I do need to practice though before tackling genesis. Thanks again. Great knitting help, I’m so glad I found you.

My knitting group was marveling at this pattern just this week. That’s something to take on alright.

Can’t wait to see your version!

Still struggling with keeping strands from crossing. Is there a video or discussion on this topic? My mind can’t even understand how the two sides can be separate when I have both colors knitting and purling, color changes. Like if one side was all one color, then it would make sense. I am practicing every day and determined. Thought myself to do Irish crochet years ago and thought well that’s as hard as it gets. But maybe I was wrong. Enjoying tremendously though. Thank you so much for your help.


Are you moving both yarns to the front or both yarns to the back as you knit and purl? At the same time avoid twisting the yarns. These videos show a switch in knit and purl colors but each maintains the open pocket in the middle of the double knitting.


I am not experienced in double knitting, just did a test once. But I think you are correct that the pocket cannot form if both colours are used on both sides. The pocket is only formed with the two fabrics separated if one side is one colour and the second side the second colour.
Not all double knitting has the aim of a pocket forming though, it’s ok to be joined and you still get double knitting.

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Ah, sorry. I misunderstood the twist you were getting. Thanks, Creations for that.
This is a better video for showing the colorwork. It shows the connection that you are going to have when you knit Genesis or any colorwork. It seems to me that you want that connection between the two sides so that you have a double knit fabric that doesn’t sag to one side or the other.

(see especially the beginning of the video)

This video was absolutely perfect for me. Yes, especially the beginning. I am just going to live with it for a while until I get comfortable.
I’ve been practicing with a little scarf pattern and instructions that I think are good but not sufficient.

Thank you very much. I will also download knitting help

Want to thank you again for the video explaining that of course the two sides will be connected when changing knitting color on front for example. I also downloaded her beautiful Burst into Bloom scarf pattern to try next before I can wade into Genesis with so many exciting things to learn. I need more practice managing two yarns and watching color changes. Bit like rubbing head and patting stomach at the same time. I am totally loving learning double knitting after years of knit lace work. Whole new world!

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