Double knitting

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I’m not sure if I’m just being stupid or not, but I’ve found that when I’m following a pattern for double knitting - like a standard chart, that I have to do each line twice for the pattern to show properly - otherwise it looks really squished in the vertical axis. So instead of going

I have to go (my own version, sorry if it’s unclear) :

Does anyone else have to do this or am I doing something wrong? Eep!

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I’ve never done double knitting but that’s how you have to do a chart for mosaic (slip stitch) knitting so you might be right.

Yes, that is how I do double knitting (or reversible knitting). Which is also in the family of mosaic or slip stitch knitting. The technique is outlined by Barbara Walker as being done when you “work one right and wrong side row with one color of yarn (drop it) and then use a second color of yarn (from the opposite end) to work two more rows.” This is a condensed explanation. So, yes I do believe you are doing the right thing. HTH.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I had no idea double knitting was part of the mosaic family - that’s cool :slight_smile:

When I do double knitting, I do each stitch twice, front with color Color on pattern then back with contrast color. so each stich is a Knit and then a Purl.
the patterns cone out tight and nice, I have yet to learn to do it by the slipped stitch method


Ecb - that’s the way I do it, but it turns out squished… maybe my tension is wrong?

I’m working on a scarf now, and at least the way my chart is written, each block represents two stitches, one on each side. when I do it, I knit the first stitch with the one yarn, and then I purl the second stitch with the opposite yarn.

they look squished on the needles, but they work when the puff fills in the space between the layers
it makes sense