Double Knitting

Hi Fellow Knitters,
I have a double knitting question. I am knitting Turtle Double Knit Pot Holder, Hot pad or Trivet by Sue Gregori. On row 1 it says, “with both yarn in back, knit the first stitch with both strands of yarn (shown on chart as striped, since it uses 2 yarns). Note: All other rows start with a slip stitch of both yarn strands”.
I know 1 stitch is considered the K and P with double knitting, but do I just knit the 1st half with both strands or do I knit both the K and P with both strands.
Thank you for your help.

There are different ways to work this but if you are to work the first stitch with both colors, work the next stitch with a single strand of one color. It can be a knit stitch depending on how you want to set up your sides.

This video uses knit and purl sts across each row. Some patterns work this over 2 rows with slip sts.
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