Double knitting

Hello my name is Bettina. I’ve been knitting for a year now and constantly pushing my skill level. What I want to know… is it possible to double knit using a fair isle chart ?

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I’ve usually seen fairly straightforward 2-color patterns like this in double knitting. I suppose you could work more complicated color combinations too.

Hi…thank you for responding. What I have is a Harry Potter hat with two colors. Instead of knitting hat I want to knit flat squares and then turn it into a baby blanket. I keep doing something wrong but not sure what that is. Really frustrating but going to keep at it until I get it right.

That the right attitude! This video seems helpful.

Ok so I think I figured it out. Since in double knitting the chart is read left to right and right to left…whenever I get to a row(even rows) I also switch the colors. Meaning…eventhough it will call for a dark color I have to remember to use the light color instead. In otherwords…my brain has to stay thinking in opposites at all times…lord! What are your thoughts?

Yes, that’ll work for designs. For lettering you have to reverse the order of the letters and their orientation.

Cool…once I’m finished I will post a photo. Thank you

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