Double knitting

You’re welcome! I saw that pot holder, but didn’t look at it. Ravelry is down right now so I’ll look again in a bit.

Oh there it is… Okay, looked around and clicked on multiple links, but don’t see anything. You might try messaging her if you’re really interested. You might try the easier one I posted first to get the hang of double knitting.

Thanks again! I did a tiny swatch of two colours and it worked! One side all purple, the other all mauve. Yeah!
Now to learn charts! But first three lapghans on the go.
And I want to make a hat like yours! Where is the time!

Never enough time! :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will help, I hardly understand it now, but it’s all in how you carry the two together when you stick the needle in. But when making a solid piece occasionally linking the sides together can be desirable.

Somewhere here I have a series of videos doing 3 socks at once. (edit) LOL, make that 2 socks at once.(/edit)

There it is. Even if you never do 2 socks at once it shows rearranging stitches to decrease which is needed for hats.

I am in love! I am obsessed with double knitting! What a thrill to see the design appear on both sides!

I watched many you tube videos and the light bulb
Came on! I used a lifeline just in case. Also a first
For me!

Thanks to all and I encourage everyone who is
Interested to not give up. Took me two days
Of watching, thinking, doing…and voila!

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If you’re on Ravelry there’s a double knitting group, I’m sure there are still some amazing things being done there for inspiration (I haven’t been doing much online knitting stuff lately).

I found a fun looking bookmark to make on Ravelry by Anne Kingstone. The hogwarts bookmark. My son would love that. But I can’t d/l the chart. The pictures
Go to flicka. I can’t even copyg the chart.

Do you my guru have any suggestions?

These would make any Potter fan happy.
The charts show the front rows only. The back side sts are worked at the same time in the alternate colors. Or is the problem expanding the charts? Can Staples or a good copier zoom in on those for you?

Hi Mod Squad!

I just can’t get the chart to d/l to copy from
Her blog and instructions.

Basically I can’t print it. I don’t see a print option for the chart alone.

If I right click on the photo I can choose print. Since I don’t have an attached printer, I can’t test this out. Let me send the web page to another computer+printer and see.

I can’t right click on the ipad, but
Will try on the laptop tomorrow.
Thank you!!!

I was able to screen grab it and open it. It’s not large and if you do make it bigger it’s slightly blurry. Do you have software to enlarge and try it? I use Paint Shop Pro.

I printed it out last night to a full page. Jan’s right, it’s not large although it is readable. Enlarging would make some of the figures easier to work.

Thank you to Jan and Salmonmac! I can’t believe you went to the trouble of printing it out!

I tried and no luck. I will keep my eye open for
Something similar in chart form. Would be great if there was a book or magazine on small projects such as that with double knitting.

You guys are amazing. Have a wonderful day!

I found in ravelry tree of gondor. No instructions but a lovely chart. Would this be classified as symmetrical
So all rows worked from right to left?

I’ll have a look around this morning, too.

One thing I’m wondering about a double knit bookmark…will it be too thick? I’ve always thought would be the case so I never made one. Now I use my kindle and don’t need them, but just wondering.

That’s a good point about the thickness.
My son loves literature and real books, so the
Kindle part is not a problem.

I really love the tree of gondor. He is a major
Lotr fan more than Harry Potter. I don’t know
What the item actually is supposed to be on
Ravelry…but it could go by his computer
Or something like that. The tree I think is supposed
To represent goodness…so he would appreciate that.
He is a kind soul.

I think I will buy navy blue and white yarn.
The tree is apparently white. I wonder what yarn is
Best for double knitting. The least fuzzy I would think.