Double knitting. What am I doing wrong?

After my search for a star pattern lead me to this scarf, I decided that actually looked like something really neat to do. I attempted to knit up a swatch and see how it came out. The bottom part of it wasn’t so hot (just ignore it :teehee:) as the directions weren’t terribly clear to me. It got better towards the top, but it doesn’t look as neat as the scarf. Her stars look, I dunno, pulled in or something. My star looks the same as the surrounding area. Anybody able to help me figure out why?

I am sure no double knitter. My left handed knitting looks like junk, but I will say this. I have seen examples of double knitting, and it looks nice and flat like yours. The scarf is a dandy, and I do like the 3D effect on the stars. Would be interested to know how she achieved it.

I have heard that if you pull your yarn too tight when changing colors, that it could cause the stitches to pucker. Looks like that’s what she might have done.

Your’s looks like regular intarsia. I don’t know why her’s has that pulled-in effect, but I don’t think it’s because she did something wrong. Maybe you should email her?

I suspect it has something to do with how she twisted the yarns when changing sides with them.

Ok, I did email her. She said that the star should be flat and that she thinks hers looks pulled in just because her knitting and purling tension is not the same. So imagine that. I actually did it right, but don’t like the way it looks. Go figure. :roflhard: