Double knitting question

I was just wondering, how do you cast on for double knitting? :??

Thank you.

KellyK’s our expert on double knitting, but this might help.

Hm… I think I’ll wait for KellyK… I have no idea what a provisional cast on is :rollseyes: :oops:

It’s a temporary cast on that is easy to take out and leaves you with live stitches to use later. Here’s a link to how to do the easiest kind.

And, HERE’S the video that taught me to crochet a provisional CO.

But, that wont work for REAL double-knitting. The one above works for FAKE double-knitting, which is what Im calling it when you knit the same hat in opposite directions from the same prov CO and then shove one hat inside the other.

REALY doube-knitting requires that you CO double the number of required sts (using your favorite CO method…I used long-tail) in one color, and then in the next row, start knitting a st with one color and purling a st with another color. This technique automatically forms a double fabric. If you want to add a reversible design, you just switch the colors around for the design. Amy’s video shows you that part.

Thank you kellyk! :slight_smile:

Yer SO welcome! I hope I was clear…I can tend to be rambly sometimes! :shifty:

You were VERY clear :smiley:

And now… I get to start my first double knitting project!! :happydance:

It is very easy :sunny:

Wow, Kelly–I finally understand how double-knitting works! Thanks!

I don’t know why it remained a mystery for so long. I thought you were performing some kind of knitting magic! :wink:

Well, I WAS wearing a top hat and cape, but no…no magic.

After my first double knitting attempt, which turned out fine, but gave me a headache, I’m wondering if double knitting is easier done in the round than flat… I did mine flat, and it SUCKED having to keep track of which colors to knit and p on the RS row vs. the WS row… but then switching for the design… i felt like I was :wall: the entire time… and my mini double knit star took like TWO FREAKING HOURS to do. But the round must be easier… because you don’t have to turn the work, so you always k and p the same colors… hmm… KK what do you think>?

I think you are probably right…although it would depend on the pattern. You should be always knitting with the (main) color facing you and purling with the other.