Double Knitting Question


I’m almost done with my first double knitting project :happydance:

I want to make the hat KellyK made for her DH for MY DS, but figured I’d better try the whole double knitting thing out on something small (and straight) before tackling double knitting in the round.

I’m doing the double knitted heart potholder project from the video. I figured out the long tail caston in two colors and the basic pattern and only had to :frog: once! I’m up to the bind off row but before I do bind off and totally close up the middle I need to figure out what to do with ends.

On this project, I have the rest of the tail from the cast on to deal with. Since there’s no “wrong” side how/where do you weave in the ends? I can’t quite figure out how you would get any other ends you might have to end up on the “inside”. On other projects how would you join yarn ends to avoid having to weave in? I could use a felted join if using a yarn which will felt, but cotton won’t and neither will the wool/acrylic blend I’ll probably use for a hat for a college kid ( I know it will end up in the washer), and that would still leave the issues of the caston and bind off ends.

Also has anyone else had the problem of VERY loose stitches with double knitting? I used size 9 needles and Sugar 'N Cream cotton, but the potholder looks like I knitted on size 13 needles. My stitches are EVEN - just so big :?? :?? Any idea why? Maybe Amy knows - she said this has happened to her, too.

Has anyone tried double knitting with a knit/purl pattern instead of 2 colors? I was thinking of doing Hildie’s dolphin dishcloth that she started in the July KAL as a reversible potholder too.



Mary :XX: :XX:

I noticed that my purl sides tend to be looser than my knit sides, but Im sure that everyone holds the yarn a little differently than they normally would when they are DKing.

As for what to do with the ends, I weave the colors in together, using duplicate stitch, then pull some of the end into the space between the 2 fabrics.

I havent bound off with DK because Ive only knit hats, which only require you to pull the yarn through the last few sts and tighten up…

Im not sure if Ive helped or not! :oops:

THANKS, KELLY :thumbsup: :thumbsup: (running to find a tapestry needle)

and I’ll have to experiment with different ways of holding the yarn - might even have to learn conti knitting finally.


Ya know…Im rereading what I wrote now…I dont like it. :doh:

About weaving in the colors, you would weave color A in with its corresponding side, and color B in with its opposite, corresponding side. Did that make more sense?

Also, I do carry the yarns in both hands. I knit conti & purl english. Its the only time I can knit conti…who’d figure?