Double Knitting Pattern Question


I’m new to this forum and to knitting, and I have a question about double knitting pattern. Should the first line (cast on) be counted as a line of the pattern? Because if I do everything according to the pattern, without counting the cast on as a line of the pattern, the first line (or second line, if you prefer) is the opposite color from what it should be…

So, if the cast on does not count, does it then have to be cast on with the colors being the opposite of the first line ?

Do you have a link? It always helps when asking questions. :wink:

Some people count it as the first row, some don’t. It may also depend on what type of cast on you used. :think:

This is the pattern I’m using

And this is the cast on technique, it’s the third on the site, with the video.

The first line on my work, after the cast on, is dark, and up from there everything is white…where it should be white.

It doesn’t look bad, it might be considered decorative, I just wondered.

Maybe next time I double knit I should pay attention to what colors I used to cast on so.

That blogger is a regular on here… ofTroy. Send her an email or pm and she’ll be happy to explain it to you.