Double Knitting Mysterious Stray

Well I am at my wits end. I taught myself how to double knit and although I got the general technique down I am still stumped. I know how to knit one color on one side and the other on the other. However I get stuck when I want to change colors.

I’ve googled a million times, looked over TONS of vids and tutorials. I am doing what they say to do but some how some way I am getting this little stray color. I have a picture to show.

That little strand is driving me insane. I’ve looked for an explanation to this or something on it and I find nothing.

I’m not crossing yarns, Ive tried moving them to opposite sides, and the obvious technique I keep reading, knit whats going to show and purl whats not, and nada. I’m hoping you all can help me out with this seamless way of changing colors, lol.

Thank you ahead of time for any help!

That is knit showing on both sides, correct?

How are you holding your yarns? 2 fingers on one hand? 1 finger on one hand? 1 English, 1 Continental?

I don’t see where you’ve switched colors, rather that yellow strand is getting carried around the front of the orange stitch instead of in between the two fabrics, the yellow is still a purl.
You’re not carrying your yarns together for that stitch. You’re coming to the front to purl the yellow and then instead of carrying the yellow back with the orange you’re leaving the yellow at the front while you knit the orange.

To change colors, you’re going along orange in front and now you want to change so yellow is in the front.
Each set of 2 stitches (p1, k1) is a single stitch for your double sided fabric. Keep your p1,k1 stitch pattern, your color changes will come with the purls for the rows that start with purls.

Both strands front, Purl yellow, both strands to the back, Knit orange -
Both strands front, Purl yellow, both strands to the back, Knit orange -
Both strands front, Purl orange, both strands to the back, Knit yellow.

It may be easier to keep from carrying that strand away from the other if you carry your yarns on one finger and just pick the color you want while keeping your “p1,k1” stitch pattern.
At least until you get the hang of what is going on.

I’ll go check, because sometimes thinking doesn’t work as good as doing (and right now I’m working on DK socks so my mind isn’t totally into K on both sides), but I’m sure that’s what you are doing and what you would need to do.

Yes I do knit holding them on one finger on one hand. Also I’m not dropping the yarn to one side, I am keeping them both together bringing both to the front when I purl and both to the back when I knit and I still get that line.

I actually did try leaving one in the back and one in the front when I was doing this because I thought maybe thats how it was done, but isn’t lol. All that did was purl the orange and knit the yellow, on the side they where on it didn’t show on the reverse sides.

I was thinking maybe Im suppose to cross my yarns? I dunno because any way I do it some reason it keeps coming out like this.

That one is actually better looking then most I was crossing yarns though to see if I could figure out how to make it less obvious but it still is.

Thank you for the information though, I was thinking I was going crazy and not doing something right, but from what you explained I’m am. Though its a bit concerning seeing as its still doing it…maybe its something else I’m not doing?

The yarn on your needle in both pictures is starting yellow-orange. Then when you try to change colors it’s still going yellow-orange.

At the color change it should go yellow-orange to orange-yellow on the needle.
Change the strands you’re using not the stitch pattern.

Maybe instead of reversing your colors with “p-yellow k-orange, p-orange k-yellow” you’re reversing your p, k stitch pattern and going “p-yellow k-orange, k-yellow p-orange”.
(Thinking back to when I’ve messed up on socks I think that it does look like carrying the strand around the front.)

Your pictures are small and I can’t blow them up and keep enough definition to tell for sure.
But something is wrong.

I updated the post if you click the picture it will take you to a blown up version.

I think I understood what you where saying about the switching colors not the pattern Im going to try a few rounds and get back to you, hopefully it was something silly like that :aww:

omg, lol. You where right I was picking up the wrong color and trying to knit the yellow and purl the orange. I am such a dunce :aww:

Thanks so much for your help, I can be so air headed sometimes now I can double knit all these pattern ideas to my hearts content!

Just to show you that I have INDEED conquered it, thanks to your very clear instruction :slight_smile:

It doesn’t take airheadedness to get confused double knitting. I’m glad you got it worked out.
Clear instruction? Is there such a thing when describing double knitting? :slight_smile:

Do you want to learn from the mistake?
Go ahead and switch your P/K pattern to K/P, but instead of carrying the strands back and forth together leave them hang so the back strand stays in back and the front strand stays in front.
Now you have purls on the outsides.

(When doing other than knit both sides out the two finger or English/Continental would probably be what you’d want to use. Or just drop the strands to leave them at the front/back.)

Another note
you mentioned twisting the strands
when U R double knitting, the strands can get twisted
sometimes to fix this I M tempted to grab a higher twist than the lowest one to ‘untwist’ the tangled mess
this makes the knot of the purl side to show through
it is something the knitter will notice, and a perfectionist would notice
but not a grateful recipient (I hope)

happy knitting


Oh I see, thanks you so much to the both of you! I have been playing with patterns now to see what I can cook up, its a little more difficult with patterns lol, time consuming but I figure if I knit a whole scarf inverting colors back and forth it will teach me a little quicker lol.

One other thing that I noticed when I started this new project. I read some where that when you get to the end of the row you should purl the last stitch with both yarns in order to keep the two pieces together, and then slip the first stitch. I noticed though that this adds stitches which I obviously don’t want.

How do I stop this? I tried doing the simple way of twisting the yarns, but for some reason I always get which was is which confused and end up some parts attached to each other and some parts not.

The purling together works fine other then the fact that it adds stitches. Is there a way I can do this without the stitches adding up on me?