Double Knitting: My perpetual foe

So I’m making a scarf right now, and I was confused on the first part of the directions (hopefully this doesn’t set the mood for the rest of my scarf!)

The instructions begin with “Slip first double stitch knitwise.” This double knitting only uses two colors (which may be the norm, I’m not sure), so I was wondering if by the ‘first double stitch’, the instructions mean that I’m to slip the first pair or just the first stitch.

Thank you!
Sorry if my question is silly. :oops:

No question is silly, but please tell us what you’re making and include a link to the pattern and a name if at all possible. It’s hard to help for sure if we don’t know what you’re doing.

Oh, I’m sorry! I thought I mentioned it.
There’s the link to the pattern.
It’s for a double knitted scarf.

Yes it’s saying to slip the first pair of stitches.
Personally I wouldn’t, I can’t stand that look.