Double knitting/letters/help!

I just finished this Helicopter Pattern as a square for an afghan, but now I have more ideas for other squares that involve letters/words.

The helicopter was done by double knitting, so it’s 2 sided with alternate colors. Ideally, I’d like to do the same with the rest. BUT, I’m trying to conceptualize it in my head and I need verification. Will double knitting work with lettering? I don’t think it will because it will be backwards on the reverse side. Am I correct in thinking this? It’s hard when you can’t see it right there, I’m horrible at that.

If I can’t double knit the lettering is there anyway I can get the same effect (same thickness since the first piece is thicker than normal)?

Thanks for the help.

If you can’t double knit it, you could knit with two strands as one - that’d get the thickness up.

And you can use a duplicating type variation on squares where you want double sided letters. I know i found info on this, I’ll try to find it, but I didn’t bookmark the site after reading it.

Your letters would be backward. You could always double knit the square and dup. st. on each side.

I’m not quite sure what duplicate stitch is, can someone explain…I’ll try and look it up as well. Thank you!

*Edit…Found out about doing a duplicate stitch…I’m still deciding what to do. That’s probably what I’ll do, I like the idea behind the double knitting being reversable.

*Debi-on the first project my double knitting was “attached” since it had a design but I’ve read that some double knitting isn’t and it forms a pocket, would that be the ideal situation for doing the duplicate stitch

I would probably knit the two panels separately, and seam them. If you did the lettering in intarsia, then each side of the panel would be one yarn thick, and the panel after seaming would be two yarns thick, just like the other double-knit panels.

I hope that helps. Look for videos and threads on this site for further clarification, or feel free to ask.