Double Knitting? Help!

So I decided to try double knitting and I am so lost. I understand how to make a pattern where each side is the same pattern just opposite colors. I was told that the “pattern” would “anchor” the sides together so they wouldn’t split… but I can still pull mine apart. I don’t know if that is true or maybe I’m doing it wrong?

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The center of double knitting does pull apart but you can join the ends or edges together.
Here’s one way to do that:

@Jan_in_CA, @Mike and @Bluejaygirl5 have more experience with double knitting than I and will have more practical advice for you.

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A pattern would have to swap the last stitch color to lock in edges (I don’t think I’ve ever done DK flat except as a swatch learning). You could frame the edge with the opposing color, but only one stitch or it would pull apart.

Color swaps only lock it together at the swap. So stripes in a hat only lock at the start of the round where you change from A to B. A pattern that changes more often than once per round like a checkerboard locks more, but the center of the solid color block squares can be pulled apart (good place to stash the ends in a design like that).
Fair Isle type designs might be swapped enough at the edges they would be locked in. But if you had color bands edge to edge like you have you’d be able to put something in it.

Otherwise you have to wrap like the video salmonmac showed to link the whole edge.

I double knit a headband in the round many years ago so I’m not really the one to ask. This is a great video for double knitting flat though! Thanks for posting it, @salmonmac !