Double knitting heart pattern

cloud9 I am a nw member to this forum so please be patient with me…I have been knitting for many years but this one is driving me crazy because I just can’t get it right…"Heart double knit hot pad"
I am casting on 60 sts Maybe someone can bring up this pattern and tell me how to do this…There is aline of all white stitches on the bottom - is that the first row? If I slip the 1st stich will that be #1 stitch and what about the last Pearl two together???

I’m sorry, I can’t find the chart or even the pattern on that site, it’s a hard one to get anywhere on. Maybe you can check your link to see if it’s correct.

I couldn’t get to the pattern either but there are instructions and a chart for a double-knit heart hot pad on the KH site. Perhaps they may help with your problem.
Can you check the link for the pattern you’re doing?