Double knit wool?

I wanted to knit a iPod sock for the iPod Nano my husband just got me with his hotel points and the instructions say to use double knitting wool. I have some Cascade 220 I would like to use but it is worsted. Could I just double strand it?

Double Knitting is the extended name of DK weight wool. It’s closer to a sport weight. Doubling up a worsted will be way way too thick. Worsted weight is thicker than DK as it is. :slight_smile: You can sub a sport weight or baby weight yarn if you can’t find a “DK weight”.

Thanks Silver. But shoot! All the wool I have is worsted, now I am going to have to go out and buy me some more yarn!:oo: But I am going to have to go to a actual LYS instead of Micheals.

You can still use the worsted - use larger needles and less stitches.

Yeah if it’s an iPod sock size/fit isn’t crucial. Knit up a gauge swatch and fiddle the numbers in your pattern to adjust it.