Double Knit Scarf Question

I am trying to make a scarf for my daughter in her school colors doing the double knit. She really wants her school initials on one end, and her “number” on the other end. Is this possible using the double knit, or will the letters and numbers be backwards on the reverse side like I think it will be?

It is possible to do 2 different patterns, one on each side, in double knit. But it makes the chart harder to follow. Which will slow you down a good bit. Plus, it is hard to see if you make a mistake.

Personally, I hate the floats I get when I do single sided stranded work like Fair Isle. They seem to catch on everything. And I like the wrong side to be neat & tidy. But working single sided is faster than double knit. I would probably make 2 each of the letter & number blocks, & seam them together.

I agree with Abby on this. I thought it was probably possible to make the 2 sides of DK different, but have no idea how to do it. I’ve only done 3 DK projects, 2 hats and a potholder to learn the technique. When I did the potholder my thoughts were, “If I wanted to make a 2 sided potholder, it would be way faster to knit them separate and sew them together.” :lol: Since doing the hats, I got faster at it, but in your case where you have the problem of the reverse images you would probably be better off doing what Abby suggests and sewing them together.

You’re much braver than I am, I’ve never tried double knitting and doubt I ever will, LOL.

Pretty ambitious project for a newbie, but it just looked so neat I had to try it. I think we are going for just stripes now. I never even thought of doing 2 then sewing them together. Thanks everyone!

Double knitting isn’t hard and it’s WAY better than sewing the sides together. Who wants that seam when they don’t have to? My first (and only so far) project was a headband. Stripes are easy so you shouldn’t have any trouble with them. :thumbsup:

It isn’t the knitting that slows me down. It is reading the chart & counting the stitches. I make both sides at once in one pass. Working both the back & front at the same time. Although, I have read of people who work the front & just carry the yarn for the back. Then do the reverse. Even with twisting the yarn at the start of the rows, my edges need some snugging. So I’d be seaming anyway.

I have worked an X pattern on one side & an O on the reverse. But I had to hand chart both sides onto one graph.

Is there a site/link that will chart different patterns into one graph?