Double knit join


I am making my very first double knit project, a skull scarf I found here:;topicseen

Unfortunately, my yarn is coming to an end before the project! How do I join on new yarn in both colors?


I would guess you just pick up a new ball of whatever your knitting with and just knit it in :shrug:

There are videos here on KH on the Tips page that can help you with joining the yarns. I would probably choose the “knit in join” method beginning the method at a point where the next 3 sts are in the color that you’re joining. To simplify things and reduce bulkiness, I would also [I]not [/I]join both at the same time; in other words, join your first color to the new ball of same color working it over 3 knit stitches then join your next ball of that second color and work it over 3 sts.