Double Knit Heart hotpad

Could someone show me how to start the double knit heart hotpad? I saw the video, but it only shows the ending. I’ve tried and tried and tried, but cannot get the 2nd row to come out right!

Please help!:knitting:

See if this helps with the set-up row.

Thank-you, I did see this video and it helped alot with the cast on, but the pattern I am trying to do is the “Heart Double Knit Hot Pad”

Have you followed the written directions for the pattern? They include the first few rows and may help you with row 2.
Is it something in particular that you see going wrong with row 2?
Row 1: sl first st, *with both colors in back k1 W, with both colors in the front p1 R, repeat from * across to last st, with both colors to the front p last st with both colors.

Row 2: sl first st, with both colors in back k1 R, with both colors in front p1 W, *with both colors in back k1 W, with both colors in front p1 R, repeat from * to the last two sts, with both colors in back k1 R, with both colors in front p1 W, p last st with both colors.

Oh! I just read the instructions…AGAIN…now I get it! Well, here goes; will let u know if I succeed this time!

I DID IT!!! :woot: i knitted the double knit heart hotpad!!! If I can figure out how to post a pic, I shall do just that!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!
I didn’t think I was ever going to get the hang of it!

Congratulations! I hope you can post a picture. We’d love to see your accomplishment.


Tried to post the pix, no luck. Don’t know what I am doing wrong

This is the link in Jan’s signature. It should solve the problem.

Perfect! It could be the photo on the cover of the pattern. Well done.

Oh, yeah! That turned out great! Lovely color choices and good job on the double knitting, too. Give yourself a pat on the back for perseverance in two areas–finishing this hot pad AND getting its picture posted on here.

Way to go! :woot:

What’s next?

here is the other side

Thank you both for your encouragement!!! I am going to make two more for my daughter for Valentine’s Day in her favorite colors! (Black and red)

Well done! That looks great. :wink: You’re really sure it’s your first time? :wink:

I have got to try that myself. I have yarn I got for it even. Thanks for posting your FO, it’s a real encouragement for me.

Someone on another thread was asking about what to do to use the suits from cards. This pad would be a great one for hearts.

It also might be something that LoveBugAngel could do for her Valentine merchandise. Will scurry over to that thread and post it there (maybe she’ll wade through all the cat stories and find it).

Good idea!

Would you all believe I’ve tried making a second hotpad and it won’t come out right!!!:frowning: Go figure! I have no idea what I’m doing wrong! UGH!
So…I found another pattern with double hearts and I’m knitting that one now…ALOT easier too. I will post the pix when I finish it.

Here is the pic of the other hotpad I knitted!!!